Tap-proof BlackBerry – How safe is Merkel’s new smartphone

A new smartphone for Angela Merkel: In July, the Chancellor gets a tap-proof BlackBerry device, but they must turn in their old Nokia. But what is the security concept of the mobile phone

Chancellor Merkel is known for her cell phone plays an important role in government daily. It is clear that the mobile phone of the Chancellor and other members of the government must meet particularly high requirements for privacy. The connect magazine has looked at the safety concept and explains how the Chancellor phone will work. The text is found in a similar form on the connect website .

encryption is required

For the company this privacy Secusmart from Dusseldorf provides. She has developed a hardware-based encryption and authentication for the phone to the Chancellor. The mobile phone that Mrs. Merkel still used – reportedly an inserted since 2009 Nokia E63 – can the built-in micro SD card crypto-chip, however, use only for encryption of voice and SMS. ” p> “The result is that many government members use multiple phones: one for secure telephony and SMS communication and a second for secure e-mail,” says Managing Director Hans-Christoph Secusmart source


. mobile communications to private

And how tweeting politicians squad then so diligently? Vice Chancellor Roesler announced in an interview that most members of the government, contrary to the safety or have another phone for personal communications in use.

That should change soon. At CeBIT Secusmart presented to the Chancellor and the Home Office responsible for obtaining the latest generation of “Registrar phones.”

BlackBerry provides the hardware

It is based on the revamped operating system BlackBerry 10 and its strict separation between business and residential area. In the business part of another chip ensures that not only voice calls are encrypted, but that the intranet of the Federal Government is by highly secure VPN connection. This channel e-mails and requests run on browser content. Also in the secured area exchanged short messages are encrypted.

On the private side of BlackBerrys can use apps and websites, including access to Facebook and Co is possible. In this environment, access to safety nets and content is clipped.

div From July to begin the rollout. The users of the Chancellor to the ministry officials are expected to choose between the keyboard equipped BlackBerry Q10 and the touch screen model Z10 have

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