+ + + News ticker to protests in Ukraine + + + – Klitschko meets Yanukovych in the presidential office

+ + + Opposition leaders reject government post from + + +
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+ + + At least six dead in riots in Ukraine + + +

+ + + Parliament should decide in special session on government withdrawal + + +

+ + + demonstrators are called “extremists” classified + + +

20.51 Clock: EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton calls the Ukrainian government and the opposition for an end to the violence. “Both sides need to reduce the tensions,” Ashton wrote in a statement to be alerted to impose emergency rule on the Government’s plans -.. Well as the opposition should renounce those who wanted to use force Europe would thereby impart : “Finding the EU and I will work to fully ensure a way out of crisis .”

20.39 Clock: Because of the difficult situation pulls the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton their travel agency before. You will travel to Kiev already on Tuesday night, wrote the EU foreign policy chief in a study published in Brussels on Monday Policy. Originally the trip was scheduled two days later.

20.00 Clock: The imprisoned ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko warns the pro-Western opposition vigorously against excessive concessions. The protest leaders to Vitali Klitschko should not accept government positions under the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. “The people of Ukraine did not go for items for the opposition leader on the streets,” the 53-year-old said on Monday in Kharkov. “Solution to the crisis can only be the fulfilling all demands of the people ” emphasized Tymoshenko.

19.09 Clock: UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calls on Yanukovich, a “constructive dialogue” with the opposition to lead to the conflict in his country “peacefully and settled by compromise. ” Bans spokesman Martin Nesirky said in New York, in a telephone conversation the Secretary-General Yanukovych had previously “deep concern” about the situation in Ukraine sent his . Currently, Yanukovych consults with Vitali Klitschko, the chairman of the party Udar (percussion), Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the Fatherland Party of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Oleg Tjagnibok, head of the far-right Freedom Party (Swoboda). The crisis meeting is one day before the special meeting of Parliament held in Kiev.

18.42 Clock: opposition politicians Vitali Klitschko has already been met for an emergency meeting with the pro-Russian leader Viktor Yanukovych . The talks at the Presidential Office in Kiev took for the pro-Western government opponents even in part ex-boss Parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk and nationalist leader Oleg Tjagnibok how to manage the Head of State announced. Issue was the search for a solution to the crisis . About the planned duration of the meeting is not known. 18.20 Clock: The EU continued its attempts at mediation on. Responsible for Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Füle again flew to Kiev . He had already led there on Friday calls. On Thursday, the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton travels to Kiev. 17.39 Clock: Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) required by the leadership in Kiev concrete concessions to the opposition. The meeting this Tuesday “would be an appropriate moment to do the job and what so far is an offer in the area, also to implement,” said ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer. Steinmeier phoned his Ukrainian colleague Leonid Koschara .

17.12 Clock: This Tuesday a special session of parliament in Kiev to bring a relaxation of the situation. It goes about the change in a restriction of the right to demonstrate . Even the surprising offer by President Viktor Yanukovych that pro-Western opposition to take over government offices may lead to language.

14.00 Clock: After repeated appeals by opposition politicians Vitali Klitschko radical opponents of the government in Kiev have their occupation of the Department of Justice completed . On television pictures was to see how activists of the movement Spilna the building left sprawa (Common Cause) in the city center. The Authority will but blocked from the outside, said their leader Alexander Daniljuk. 12.49 Clock: The message Klitschko has also released as a video message on Youtube


div 12.41 Clock: Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko turns on Twitter to Western leaders and writes: “On behalf of the majority of Ukrainians, I appeliere to the Western leaders to help us in our cramp for democracy . Do not let us down! “

div 11.56 Clock: The Ukrainian opposition leader Vitali Klitschko may attend the Munich Security Conference on the weekend . Conference leader Wolfgang Ischinger has been invited to a panel discussion on Saturday, which also includes the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Leonid Koschara is expected. “I hope that we succeed, Mr. Klitschko to have in this discussion on the stage,” said Ischinger.

11.12 Clock: After the occupation of her ministry, the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Olana Lukash has the opposition with the imposition of emergency rule threatened . The blockade must end “immediately,” Lukash said on Monday the transmitter Inter. Otherwise, they would ask the National Security Council to discuss “whether the state of emergency imposed in this country.” 11.05 Clock: A Bild-Reporter reported from Kiev by around 300 neo-Nazis that provide violence during the protests against President Yanukovych. Thus they should attack the police with iron bars and fire-sets and thereby call nationalist slogans. Moreover, were the extreme right – in contrast to the majority of the protesters – against the EU accession of Ukraine. At the same time they should also reject a rapprochement with Russia. 09.15 Clock: The riots in Ukraine are expanding. The Ukrainian opposition tried to storm government buildings in several major cities in the Central Ukraine. In the area adjacent to Poland west of the country, the opponent of President Viktor Yanukovich have already brought in many places the town halls in their violence. For example, in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk occupied the opposition town halls. 05.55 Clock: After the occupation of the Ministry of Justice in Kiev opposition politicians Vitali Klitschko calls the protesters on the premises of the building. “You want to stay, but I’ll try to convince them otherwise they,” says Klitschko in Kiev. It was necessary to find a political solution to the power struggle and avoid provocations, the former world boxing champion. Radical opponents of the government had stormed the house in the center of the capital in the evening. The Ukrainian opposition believes that further administration building in Kiev and in the province occupied. Thus at present to be in her hand 11 of the 27 district administrations. 03.15 Clock: The EU has the Ukrainian head of state Viktor Yanukovych called even put his concessions offered in the past few days. The government must “fulfill their promises”, the EU delegation said in Kiev on early Monday morning. “The negotiations must continue.” Moreover, the EU urged opposition leaders to commit themselves to clearly distance themselves from violent protesters. 01.30 Clock: Vitali Klitschko is hard: “There is no way to Yanukovych’s resignation over,” said the opposition leader of the “Bild” newspaper on Monday. He could not imagine being vice-premier under this president. “That would be a betrayal of our own people have been.”

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