Medion S9714 Tablet LifeTab – The iPad competitor Aldi in the first test

Aldi launches the S9714 LifeTab an iPad-challenger for 400 euros via mobile is everywhere online. However, the 10-inch bargain the Apple tablet to compete

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Aldi is exemplary as usual with the supplied accessories. Of the printed, understand instructions via adapter or cable for USB and HDMI up to the SIM card with Aldi mobile rate, everything is possible – even a pocket located in the box. Additional purchases are not really necessary. Unless, at some point the built-in memory (about 27 of 32 gigabytes are free) and just to be extended via a MicroSD card. This is convenient, because it facilitates the calculation. Other vendors (like Apple) require adapters for happy times exorbitant prices …

Additional Software

Additional offers have Medion installed on the Android tablet itself. That to me is almost a little too much of a good thing. Gradually seems from PC “bloatware” and impose on tablets. If the added apps would make something better than the Google deal, then I would accept that, yes. But that is about the library not to (the now and then crashed), the coming of CyberLink Media LifeTab or life goals. And if you have an antivirus solution must enable you only really need is at least doubtful.

Tegra hardware comes with the latest Android Tablet Games along well. The sound of the mini speaker is surprisingly good. The cameras are more suited for video calls, with three megapixels of rear camera does not turn on a lot. Android 4.0.4 is installed, Medion promises a future update to Android 4.1, while the Nexus tablet just got 4.2.1.
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