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Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher struggling in Grenoble on for his life. His 45th He spent birthday in an artificial coma. A German eyewitness has emerged, who filmed the disaster. All information about Schumacher drama in the ticker.

19.13 Clock: basketball star Dirk Nowitzki has Michael Schumacher in a to fight “This is a tragic accident. We hope that he fights his way out back. We all know that Schumi in his whole career was an insane fighter, “he told the paper. In the interview, Nowitzki was shocked by the accident. In discussions with his family, he was trying to process the tragedy.

18.06 Clock: According to FOCUS Information Schumacher is last overthrown in April with the bike – even though he had promised Corinna slow down: In Guadix, on a Spanish race track on the Sierra Nevada, his motorcycle (214 hp, 299 hours kilometers in the tip) have suddenly lost oil. Schumacher had slipped into a fast corner brutal off the track – only his protector in racing suit had prevented more serious injuries

. 17.25 Clock: For French actor Jean Reno is the accident of his friend Michael Schumacher still hard to comprehend. “It’s incredibly unfortunate as to fall. He was a skier who understood the thing, and perfectly controlled. The man was seven times world champion in an extremely dangerous sport. Life humbling. One must always be careful , “the actor said in an interview with the French newspaper” Le Journal du Dimanche. “

16.32 clock. On the question of the speed Sauthier “France 2″ said that every skier was responsible for its own speed “As a driver you make a mistake, if you no longer being able to stop before an obstacle, “said the lawyer.

15.32 Clock: For Laure Sauthier, chairman of the Bar Association Albertville, these factors play an important role in the question of blame for the accident: “There is no exact definition of when one is away from the slopes at a ski resort. Ultimately the matter here, where the groomers are used. I think it is not normal that this dangerous place is not closed with rocks between two marked trails through a network, “ said Sauthier French TV channel “France 2″ .

14.57 Clock: The investigators also want to clarify if the ski was marked correctly and whether it was omitted to install a barrier or a warning before the rock, rushed to the Schumacher. Moreover, it is investigated whether Schumacher’s ski bindings performed flawlessly.

14.24 Clock: Bild am Sonntag “quoted from the letter, the Formula 1 mate Mika Hakkinen wrote to Schumacher:” Your accident is now nothing more than another challenge. You have to fight back hard -. Way we have both fought earlier on the track “ He must not establish personal best in this case, Häkkinen advises his friend and ex-colleague according to” Bild “. “You have to take you all the time you need.”

13.46 Clock: Every morning at nine clock to meet the family of Michael Schumacher with the physicians in a meeting room next to the ICU in neurology, reports the new FOCUS. Then become a new decision every day whether there were eleven clock a statement to the public.

13.23 Clock: The public prosecutor and the police are expected to “mid-week” information on the status of investigations into the fatal skiing accident by Michael Schumacher . The exact date for the joint press conference at the court of Albertville would be announced “within the next 24 hours,” said the prosecutor of the Southeast French town, Patrick Quincy, on Sunday afternoon the AFP news agency. He asked specifically about “spreading false information about statements made by me or the investigation” until then. The family of 45-year-olds ask to be left alone.

13.02 Clock: In view of the fact that Schumacher in a coma for a week, it caused irritation that he yesterday by Einspieler in the 30-year anniversary broadcast of “RTL” to see and the transmitter is sent birthday greetings 12.21 Clock: The newspaper reports the same Article also again on the opinion of Michael Schumacher’s manager Kehm on Saturday (“unchanged critical but stable”) and provide this statement own information contrary. “Le Journal de Dimanche” is part of the “Groupe Lagardère”, which is one among others, the newspaper “Paris Match”, and has a circulation in the six figures.

11.53 Clock: The French newspaper “Le Journal du Dimanche” writes under the heading “mystery of Schumacher’s health” that internal sources from the hospital, the newspaper reported, the last brain Scan of Michael Schumacher was on Saturday “very bad” failed . This had led to great concern among physicians.

11.31 Clock: As the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” reports, wrote Schumacher’s former rival Mika Häkkinen an e-mail to Corinna Schumacher and family. “To let them feel how I feel in this terrible situation with them,” said Hakkinen to “image”.

10.57 Clock: FOCUS editor Gerald Selch knows Schumacher for nearly two decades. He was there when the racers made his first turns in the 90-ies on skis. “He learned – no, Schumi ‘- only accelerating, then braking. His style was more shot than slalom “, the reporter in the new FOCUS writes. But since then, the seven-time world champion has brought it to hundreds of ski days, often with a private teacher. In the snow Michael Schumacher looking epinephrine, wear not only helmets, but also back protector and always go at the end of the group to see what happened to him.

10.28 Clock: The Formula 1 reporter for the “Bild” newspaper, Nicola Pohl, tweeting that it perhaps this week results for the evaluation of video from Schumacher’s helmet camera could enter through the crime scene technician.

10.00 Clock: Schumacher is on the 5th Floor of the hospital in Grenoble. A single room after he has FOCUS Information not.

09.31 Clock: A doctor from the hospital in Grenoble reports , which since Schumacher’s admission to the hospital is going on. Everywhere guards are posted . Doctors and nurses who do not belong to Schumacher’s treatment team, to his room may not approach.

09.09 Clock: The new FOCUS reconstructs the conditions at the misfortune morning : A cloudy, misty morning, just above zero degrees. A quick eight-seater gondola brings the group to Schumacher and his son 2700m. Light wind, avalanche warning level 3 of 5

08.40 Clock: When Michael Schumacher with his son Mick and friends set off to go skiing on the day of the accident, remained his wife Corinna and the 16-year-old daughter Gina according to FOCUS Information in the Schumacher’s apartment . It is a wood paneling and luxurious chalet in Meribel almost directly on the piste on the slopes of Saulire Mountain. Since the children go to school, the family every year to get there.

08.18 Clock: The Smartphone recordings of German tourists (see 21.13 clock) appear to be the first live images of Michael Schumacher’s downfall. There could be significantly more. The eyewitness told the “mirror”, “Many skiers are slid down with a drawn smartphone the slopes.”

08.06 Clock: “I know now by doing what Corinna,” says former Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen over the “Bild” newspaper the situation of Michael Schumacher’s wife The Finn was in 1995 for ten days in a coma with a head injury: “It is the worst, what can happen to you in life, “he says today. “You realize how fragile life is. During this moment, everything that normally determines your everyday life, completely uninteresting.”

21.13 Clock: The 35-year-old German, who has filmed Schumacher’s downfall wants his recordings for information from “Spiegel Online” handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office of Albertville. On the film should be shown blurred pictures of a skier gliding in the background through the deep snow between two slopes and then to case comes. This driver is supposed to be, according to the eyewitness Michael Schumacher.

20.19 Clock: According to the website of the French Sunday newspaper “JDD” (“Le Journal du Dimanche”) is another eyewitness surfaced that should have seen the downfall of Michael Schumacher. After “JDD” information to the man from Essen come, be 35 years old and working as a flight attendant. The witness should also have accidentally made recordings of the accident in a video that he made with his smartphone. He was apparently so far on record that Schumacher should have been rather slow on the go. “He was driving at 20 km / h and not more,” the man is quoted. He would support the version of the family and friends of Michael Schumacher, who had always pointed out that the former Formula 1 driver had not been going too fast.

19.20 Clock: In an interview with FOCUS Online neurosurgeon praises Bernhard Meyer, director of the Neuro- . capita center in the hospital “Rechts der Isar” of the Technical University of Munich, the work of the Hospital of Grenoble, where Michael Schumacher is treated for days “The process in Grenoble is completely sober and according to the book – that is the also correct. Similarly, you have to do this in such a case, “affirms the physician.

18.03 Clock: Post to Twitter photographer, Corinna Schumacher leaves the hospital in Grenoble after another day at the bedside of her husband Michael’s father Rolf and brother Ralf come out of the building..

16.23 Clock: Compared to “RMC Sport” has now denied having ever said that Michael Schumacher was out of danger Philippe Streiff. The British “Telegraph” was the first reported on this statement.

15.48 Clock: Father Rolf Schumacher has now supplied the family in the hospital with pizza For the past six days awaiting the family at the bedside of the former Formula 1 World Champion and hopes that. Michael Schumacher may recover from the disaster again.

15.14 Clock: On the issue of liability (see 14.14 clock) and it plays a role in whether the Méribel ski station would have the terrain between two slopes must better secure. “I think it’s not normal that there are between two marked runs a section with rocks, to which access is not blocked with nets,” says Michael Schumacher former Formula 1 mate Philippe Streiff to the newspaper “L’Equipe”.

15.01 Clock: Michael Schumacher contributed to his accident, a helmet camera, a little background : The small, lightweight, waterproof and easy-to-use cameras are enjoying at extreme athletes such as divers, skiers and skydivers growing in popularity. With the help of devices that are no bigger than a cigarette, athletes can make recordings of their exploits on the net and with friends and like-minded teilen.Mini cameras can with different mounting systems virtually be installed anywhere – on the body at the top of a ski or a surfboard, a harness or the sail of a hang glider. As a headlamp on the helmet of a skier attached, they allow for example exhilarating shots of fast descents.

14.29 Clock: Also on the seventh day of the Schumacher-drama family and friends have come back to the clinic in Grenoble, as his wife Corinne, brother Ralf, Rolf father and former Ferrari boss Jean Todt.

14.14 Clock: The Albertville prosecutors are investigating Meanwhile, the helmet camera that Michael Schumacher wore during the fall. Should it are pictures you could help in the reconstruction of the accident and also clarify the question of guilt. Because it goes when searching for the person responsible for the accident to hundreds of millions of euros.

13.35 Clock: Kehm appeals in its communication to the media again: “The family is worried only about Michael Schumacher’s Health Please respect the privacy of the family.”

13.16 Clock: With her statement Sabine Kehm refuted by official the testimony of Philippe Streif, Schumacher located not risk your life

. 12.58 Clock: Kehm confirmed in a statement the existence of the helmet camera. Michael Schumacher’s family had handed the camera without the pressure of the investigators. The device was the French authorities “voluntarily as part of the investigation” is passed. “The fact that this has been done against the wishes of the family, is untrue.”

12.50 Clock: The perilous injured Michael Schumacher is still in a critical but stable condition. This was announced by his manager Sabine Kehm on Saturday with writing. “We must emphasize that any information about his health, which is not from the attending doctors or his management, not mere speculation is valid and” , she explained. After consultation with the attending physicians could not be expected with a press conference before Monday.

12.39 Clock: After the skiing accident was announced that on impact with the rocks Schumacher broke helmet. This is a good and not a bad sign, says Formula 1 helmet technician Peter citizens towards the “Bild” newspaper. “This shows namely: The helmet has done his job, a lot of kinetic energy on impact caught on the rocks and was rescued and Michael Schumacher’s head against something worse.”

12.20 clock: “It is a hoax that Michael Schumacher is out of danger” , the reporter of “Sky Sports News HD” in Grenoble says. Possibly Philippe Streiff got carried away with this statement. Gerard Saillant was very sour in each case on Friday night, that this statement of Streiff had gone to the press. Michael Schumacher was not out of danger.

12.12 Clock: Maybe it was not Schumacher, for the first time he got as a little boy in a kart, says Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg. “But Michael Schumacher has me at the beginning of my career, certainly inspired” , so Rosberg.

11.36 Clock: Who is this Philippe Streiff? From 1985 to 1989 he drove a total of 53 races in Formula 1 In 1989 he had an accident with his race car, suffered serious spine injury and sitting in a wheelchair ever since. After the accident, he was treated by Gérard Saillant, that very doctor who is close to Michael Schumacher and Streiff now quoted.

11.19 Clock: There are no to the doctors themselves or of Michael Schumacher’s management, which would confirm the information from Streiff There is also no information as to whether the practitioner or manager Sabine. Kehm will express today to the press. Kehm had announced on Wednesday that it will only make a statement, if something serious change on health Schumacher.

10.55 Clock: One thing is clear: On Friday, the French ex-Formula 1 Professional Streiff told the news agency “Reuters” after his visit to the hospital in Grenoble: “It’s Michael Schumacher slightly better.” And further:. “Bleeding affect both hemispheres of the brain hemorrhage on the left side worry, because there the language is controlled. “

10.33 Clock: Once again, back to the testimony of Philippe Streiff with respect to the information by Schumacher’s doctor Gérard Saillant (see 09.38 clock). Now, a video has surfaced in the Saillant front of the camera actually says: “I’m not a doctor, but I will repeat what Gerard Saillant told me Gérard Saillant told me. that the state of Michael Schumacher is serious, but no more loss of life. “ The Report also the British channel” Sky News “and the French channel” Itele “. AN OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION FOR THIS STATEMENT BY THE CLINIC IS THERE BUT SO FAR NOT

10.20 Clock: Approximately 80 percent of skiers in North America wear a helmet, writes the British newspaper “The Telegraph”. In Europe would not so reliable figures before and the percentage varies depending on ski resort and country – but more than 50 percent of it were not on the European continent. Michael Schumacher was fortunately a helmet, without which he would not even managed to get out alive, according to statements of his doctors to the hospital.

10.03 Clock: Some of the Ferrari fans who traveled yesterday to Grenoble, to show their solidarity with Michael Schumacher, are still there, twitters “Sky Sport News HD” reporter Gernot Bauer. However, he revised the assumption yesterday were hundreds had gathered Tifosi – the number was significantly lower

. 09.50 clock: “I hope that the media deal respectfully with the family and friends of Michael Schumacher” , says ex-Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica, who crashed hard in 2011, compared with “autosport.com”. He had been in that situation and know that the media could make life quite difficult – both the accident victim himself as well as his family and friends. “I press Schumacher crossed that he is recovering well,” said Kubica.

09.38 Clock: The British channel “Sky” reports that a friend had told Schumacher, Schumacher was out of danger. Here, the transmitter refers to a quote from the brain surgeon Gérard Saillant against Philippe Streiff, the Schumi visited yesterday. Yesterday we have such a quote, found the French radio “RMC Sport” reports. It comes from a text in which Streiff fears that Schumacher could wear paralyzes them and reads: “Gérard Saillant m’a dit qu’il ne s’en sortir savait pas s’il allait.” Translated it would mean: “Gérard Saillant told me that he does not know if Michael Schumacher comes out of the thing .” That actually sounds after the opposite of “out of danger”, but could also refer to the paralysis. We would like this quote here represent the original, so that any reader can provide his own impression. (See also entry 10.33 clock)

09.14 Clock: On Friday, light artist Oliver Bienkowski threw a large projection on the facade of the hospital in Grenoble. “Strong on 45, Schumi! Stay! Fights,” stood there to read. Bienkowski says: “We all hope that there are good new news in the next few days, and that perhaps everything else turns for the better If it creates one, then Michael Schumacher He is fit, has always gone his way… I think it comes back on its feet. “

09.02 Clock: Michael Schumacher’s personal physician Johannes Peil flew to make “_blank” to “image” information on Friday afternoon again to Grenoble, is a picture of the situation. He further says: “At that time, the motorcycle accident, it was a fortunate circumstance that the right artery due to the plant of greater capacity than the left. This allows the balancing done better. “Now when skiing accident the right brain has been damaged, however.

08.46 Clock: “Michael Schumacher is certainly a good skier, but he was not at the level of a professional skier,” Schumi says biographer Karin Sturm in conversation with ABC Online “I think he. skiing has also only learned as an adult. ” That racers generally have a tendency to take risks, lie loud storm in the nature of the sport. Schumacher but not assessed themselves as risk takers: “He is convinced he has everything under control racers generally have an assessment that differs from that of a mere mortal something..”

08.33 Clock: It is still a big topic of debate whether the “evening news” about Michael Schumacher should report Yesterday she did it again.. “ARD-aktuell” editor in chief Kai Gniffke writes:. “Today in the 20pm we had 70 seconds to Michael Schumacher And after we had done yesterday in the news anything about this topic and I’ve written to this point that we report again when there is new information. A Contradiction in Terms? ” The question in a blog.

08.21 clock. Already since Michael Schumacher’s heavy crash with the motorcycle four years ago has affected his left brain “The left artery was then broken up,” says Schumacher’s personal physician Johannes Peil, head of the Sports Clinic Bad Nauheim, over the “Bild” newspaper. “Of these, one has only two. The arteries supply including the cerebellum.”

08.12 Clock: “For the family, the situation is much worse than for one who is in a coma,” says “BBC” presenter Richard Hammond, who in 2006 because of a craniocerebral trauma was a few days in an artificial coma. “When you wake up, it’s for you a funny state, but you did not even realize the danger of death up close. But your family had to endure all the fears. Way it will be for Michael Schumacher’s family now.”

23.17 Clock: The University Hospital has today no new information on the health of Michael Schumacher common. It will first discuss internally, it said. The recent information about his “stable but critical condition” had given it on Wednesday. Since then, it is said by the doctors as well as Schumacher’s manager Kehm that will only informed when changes again.

22.16 Clock: Ex-Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff was the hospital today with Michael Schumacher and was afterwards a little insight into the interior He spoke with Schumacher’s doctor Gerard Saillant, who told him. he was not sure whether Schumacher will survive this brain injury.

21.37 clock “. Happy & Healthy above all, I wish Michael Schumacher Birthday lot of power, I wish the family for this difficult time,” twitters TV presenter Markus Lanz towards Schumacher. The 45th Great day of the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion tilts so slowly to the end. Five days after the accident, he is still in an artificial coma. What happens to Schumacher during the artificial coma, we have explained here 21.14 clock. Various media reported over the course of the evening, that Michael Schumacher’s condition had not changed significantly – he was still stable but critical These statements are based on Information relevant to the clinic. An official statement from the medical or Schumacher’s manager, it will probably no longer exist today. In any case, they had announced that they announce something if something serious change in the condition of the former Formula 1 World Champion.

21.03 clock. The family of Michael Schumacher apparently wanted the gathered outside the hospital fans of coffee It was then but organizationally but not worked out, tweeting a reporter of “Sky Sports News HD” <. / p> 20.48 Clock: Ferrari has meanwhile via Twitter thanked all those Tifosi, now flocked to the hospital in Grenoble to Michael Schumacher to be close: “Grazie a tutti i tifosi che oggi erano a Grenoble! “

20.21 Clock: After target = “_blank”> information of the radio station “RMC Sport” Michael Schumacher’s family initially refused to hand over the camera – on the grounds of the “protection of privacy”. Since it is a accident investigation and not a crime, the family, the camera must not pass. Now she has apparently yet – voluntarily – done

. 20.07 Clock: Now, investigators acknowledge circles according to news agency AFP: The police are in possession of the helmet camera that Michael Schumacher wore during his accident As the newspaper “Dauphine Libere”. writes, Schumacher’s family had initially taken the helmet camera, now it has been seized.

19.40 Clock: to huge projection (see 18.39 clock) remarked the light artist Oliver Bienkowski: “We hope that we have on behalf of all supporters and fans of Michael Schumacher set a sign . “

19.23 Clock: Schumacher visitors Streiff said further towards “RMC Sport” : In recent days, the hematoma had however been significantly reduced and only press the left side. “This is a big step forward. But if it does not go on like this, he risks a hemiplegia on the opposite side, ie, on the right, and unfortunately, that is the side where you also lose the voice.” There is, however his knowledge rehabilitation measures by which he could possibly be regained control over the voice and limbs.

19.12 Clock: During a visit to the University Hospital of Grenoble, the former Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff has commented on the health of Michael Schumacher. He fears his friend could, as he carry himself after an accident, hemiplegia. “Gérard Saillant has told me that he did not know whether Michael Schumacher comes out of the thing,” said Streiff, who himself operates from Saillant against the radio station “RMC Sport”. “You make every day CT scans to see how the edema resolves,” he said. If it takes too long, Schumacher will be paralyzed.

18.52 Clock: Also, the radio station “RMC Sport” reported on the helmet camera that Michael Schumacher was wearing on the day of his accident. Thus, it should either be a camera of the brand GoPro. According to the information of the sender, the helmet cam is admittedly not yet surfaced, and investigators were looking at the accident site after that.

18.39 Clock: Michael Schumacher fans in Grenoble a huge projection with the text “45, Schumi, Stay strong, fighting continued” thrown at the facade of the hospital


18.29 Clock: In a recent message on the homepage of Michael Schumacher, his family has for the action of Ferrari fans in Grenoble thanks: “ The incredible sympathy of the Ferrari fans today before the hospital has us utterly overwhelmed and moved to tears. We are deeply grateful for the other wishes that reach us. “

18.24 Clock: The daily newspaper “L’Equipe” confirmed that Michael Schumacher 14-year-old son Mick today, five days after the accident, was questioned by police – as well as a friend of the Formula 1 world champion. Content of these statements were not disclosed.

18.03 Clock: The French newspaper “Dauphiné Libéré reports , that currently have a team of investigators to the police at the University Hospital Grenoble interviewed the son and a friend, Michael Schumacher of what happened, both of which were in the accident spot . doing so, the paper relies on matching information from different sources.

Video: Reactions to Schumacher’s skiing accident: “This is appalling,”

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