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class=”source”> dpa roofs protrude near Deggendorf to a dam break from the flood of the Danube

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water masses continue to roll over Germany. Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt fighting with the floods. In Lower Bavaria people had to be rescued by helicopter from their homes.

21.39 Clock: Saxony expects flood damage in the billions. The head of the new reconstruction Staff in the State, Fritz Jaeckel, going from two to 2.5 billion euros. The staff wants to seek money from the EU Solidarity Fund for disasters. Prerequisite is a national monetary damages of at least 3.67 billion euros. The come in Saxony, Bavaria, Thuringia and Brandenburg shared together. The EU budget commissioner Janusz Lewandowski had given ongoing budget negotiations in Brussels warned, however, that fund is empty: “We are without means, at any rate for the Solidarity Fund,” said the Commissioner.

21.12 Clock:

Especially in Deggendorf The situation is still dramatic. The Danube River has flooded parts of the district meter high. Even the airport is under water. Residents remains partially no choice but to flee on their roofs. “There is absolute death. The houses are up to three meters in the water, “says Schraufstetter, 57, commander of the Deggendorf Fire

20.58 clock.

The head of the Saxon reconstruction Staff, Fritz Jaeckel, going from damages in the amount of two to 2.5 billion euros says “welt.de”. Accordingly, the staff will endeavor to raise funds from the EU Solidarity Fund for disasters 20.28 clock. The floods in central Europe have a first casualties in Slovakia required . In the south of the country was a dead body in the Danube been found

20.18 clock said a spokesman for the rescue workers, Jan Culka, the news agency TASR. In many municipalities and communities are Falschparker not punished , writes “welt.de”. Therefore be in Halle and Naumburg with regard to workers and the flood stricken residents are no “honk” distributed. In Merseburg motorists may park for free on otherwise chargeable courses, reports “welt.de.”

20.09 Clock: According to initial estimates, the flood has in Chemnitz damages in the amount of six million euros causes, reports the “Saxon newspaper”, referring to the city administration. Thus, almost two million euro for them on roads and bridges, 1.2 million euros on schools and local day care centers and a quarter of a million euros on administration building. A final overall balance is still outstanding.

19.45 Clock: In Dresden, the Elbe reached on Wednesday evening a water level of 8.58 meters 19.20 clock. Lower Bavaria were flooded several villages, partially stuck, only the roofs of the estate from the vast expanse of water. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes, some were rescued by helicopters. On Wednesday afternoon, the flood wave of the Danube at Deggendorf reached its apex . “The flood situation on the Danube is still very serious,” however, warned county spokesman Markus Mühlbauer

19.13 clock. The EM-opening slalom canoeists in Krakow, Poland is due postponed the flood. Because of continued rising flood waters of the Vistula EM can start earliest on Saturday and not, as planned, on Friday on the artificial EM route, reported the German Canoe Association (DKV).

18.52 Clock: Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski said that the EU lacks the money to help the flood areas in Central Europe. Because lack of funds in the EU budget of the current year delays are to be expected, the Commissioner warned of Poland in Brussels

18.39 clock. The Leipzig Porsche plant temporarily stops the production as a result of the floods this Thursday. Reason are shortages of SUV bodies from Bratislava, Porsche said. The trains could transport the hard-hit by the floods Czech Republic does not happen

18.07 clock. In the Czech Republic more than 19 000 people nationwide have to leave their homes, said the fire department. So far, eight people were in the Czech Republic died in the storms . In Prague, the situation slowly begins to relax, the metro network in the center of the metropolis remains closed.

17.56 Clock: Thuringia’s Minister President Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) to the flood victims in their country 20 million euros in emergency aid promise. The relief should private individuals and small businesses to come good 17.46 clock. Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is considering expropriating peasants to “create as protection against floods in future alternative areas along the rivers,” reports “welt.de”. “When it comes to the public interest”, he was sure he said “welt.de” in Munich. In the conflict of public interest and self-interest may be the legal means should be strengthened. An audit is planned

17.37 clock. Dresden in several hundred people from the Elbe flood had to be brought to safety In Laubegast district firefighters offered a voluntary evacuation.. The crest of the flood will reach Saxony on Thursday, said a spokeswoman for the country’s flood center. Basis of the calculation are the values ​​of the level Usti in the Czech Republic

17.28 clock. The impact of the floods on economic growth could not be assessed, said Economics Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) . The industry does not expect any setbacks for growth. The recovery could be delayed at best, said BDI chief Ulrich Grillo. Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) said the farmers to support

17.19 clock. A 77 years old man is dead leading from a high flow of water have been recovered in Middle Franconia . Passers-by had found the lifeless body on Monday at Allersberg in the raging Little Roth, reported a Nuremberg police spokeswoman. An autopsy revealed that the man had suffered a heart attack and is therefore not likely to be classified as flood victims, it said security sources

17.10 clock. As with the 2002 flood is the helpfulness when Elbe flood 2013 in size. Hundreds of mostly young helpers pack on the farm road maintenance with a Dresden. The site serves as one of four public places sandbags in the city. According to firefighter Tobias Ludwig of use are constantly lead approximately 300 to 400 volunteers in action

16.55 clock. The same swelling tide rolls on to northern Germany. In Dresden, the Elbe reached on Tuesday afternoon a level of 8.50 meters. In the Hall Saale had climbed to 8.07 meters on the highest water level for 400 years, shared with the authorities.

16.40 Clock: The distribution of millions of federal aid for flood victims is still unclear. The details have yet to be determined, said Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) in Berlin. “We now need only times inventory of damage to do.” First, it is a matter of fighting the flood. Friedrich emphasized that the federal government will do my utmost to ensure that the affected people do not even came in addition to their mental stress of financial hardships.

15.58 Clock: Also in Bavaria is no relief in sight: According to “merkur-online.de” other villages along the Danube to be evacuated , there live about 1000 people. The dams in the town of Straubing kept the water masses was still 15.52 clock. The “MDR” reports the evacuation of the Brandenburg town Miihlberg . 4400 inhabitants were threatened there by the Elbe flood. In addition, the emergency alert is now at Torgau in Saxony was triggered

15.39 clock.
The Austrian energy group Verbund has because of the high water more power plants on the Danube from the mains . Of the total of ten hydroelectric power plants on the Danube were now seven off, said a company spokesman. On Tuesday four power plants were shut down. However, the power supply was still secured

15.37 clock.
The flood disaster brought to Blood Transfusion Service of the German Red Cross (DRK) in distress. In parts of Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia there had been a failure of appointments, and I will continue to come. Until the weekend, it could also be a loss of dates along the River Elbe in Saxony-Anhalt and parts of Lower Saxony. The DRC is now calling donors to the non-affected areas, reinforced perceive the existing appointments

15.35 clock.
Saxony will no longer accept that individual citizens flood protection project delay or prevent from selfish motives. The Free State of Bavaria will take together with a legislative initiative in attack, which is going to be a priority of Community law before the individual right, announced Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) in Dresden. He referred to a case from the Erzgebirge. There, a citizens’ initiative had “manifested” from property owners because of a flood wall so that an important section can not be built

15.30 clock.
The federal government wants to go to the emergency aid of 100 reach millions of euros, companies and farmers in flood-regions under the arms. Economy Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) agreed in Berlin with top industry associations on a 10-point program . It provides, inter alia, that the state development bank KfW opens credit programs for businesses, households and communities in the volume of a further 100 million euros

15.16 clock.
The Flood accustomed to Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein evacuated first time the risk of the Elbe flood Undercity . It affects up to 150 homes near the river. Whose inhabitants would clock from Friday 9 to leave their homes, announced Mayor Andreas Thiede (CDU) on Wednesday. According to official forecasts of the level of the Elbe to rise over the weekend to more than nine meters, for Wednesday of next week, a historic high of 10.35 meters is expected

15.15 clock.
Germany renounces in the fight against the floods so far largely support of the European Union . The crisis response center in Brussels had received no requests from Germany or the Czech Republic and Austria also affected countries for direct support, shared the responsibility for disaster relief, EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva on Wednesday. But the center stand ready at all times for support, she emphasized

15.09 clock. In the rest of Saxony-Anhalt, the situation is getting worse: In the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld waters of Lober Tether channel controlled drained, reports the “Central German newspaper”. Meanwhile were at the zoo in Bernburg first animals drowned . It will try to save small animals using inflatable boats, the large animals, but were probably lost.

flood warning in Saxony

14.58 Clock: In Hall, the situation remains dramatic: According to the “Central German newspaper” forces have begun a second dam downstream of the dam to build Gimritzer . So that a catch basin should be created

14.52 clock.
Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has a “Instant Money” announced for flood victims . Guideline are 1500 euros in special cases even more, according to “merkur-online.de”. The payments are to begin later this week. “I want a model that we are in Bavaria for fast and orderly manner,” Seehofer said loudly “merkur-online.de” after the cabinet meeting 14.38 clock. For the German Inland waterways are the effects of the flood been low. But many companies have revenue losses, said Jens Schwanen the Federation of Inland Navigation (BDB) in Duisburg. Especially important waterways in the east, south and south-west as the Danube, Neckar, Main, Upper Rhine and the Elbe in eastern parts are locked. The biggest problems lie in Baden-Württemberg, which is cut off by the closure of the Upper Rhine and Neckar from the supply by shipping

14.31 clock.
According to new information from the “Central German newspaper “was the dam threatened in Hall apparently did not give up . The evacuation of affected areas go yet further

14.21 clock.
The Championship slalom canoeists this weekend in Krakow, Poland threatens to fall into the water. The continued rising flood waters of the Vistula River on Wednesday made a training on the artificial EM route impossible , reported the German Canoe Association (DKV). So Toraufhängungen and grandstands were flooded in the lower stretch. “We are left with at the moment nothing more than to be seen,” said head coach Michael Trummer DKV

14.16 clock.
The flood remains the same, according to the experts at the highs of 2002 . The crest will reach Saxony on Thursday morning, said a spokeswoman for the country’s flood center. For the City, a maximum water level of 8.50 meters to 8.70 meters is expected for Schoena on the Czech border from 10.70 meters to 10.90 meters. In 2002, in Dresden 9.40 meters and 12.04 meters measured in Schoena

14.13 clock.
Federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) has shortcomings in flood protection granted . The situation was “regional differences”, said Friedrich in Berlin. In some places, the flood had been implemented. Elsewhere he was “stuck in the planning approval process,” or the whole concept had not been implemented. Where after the flood of 2002, flood protection has been implemented, it also show effect, Friedrich said

14.09 clock. The Flood of the White Elster has the Greizer Landscape Park in Thuringia devastated and also hit hard the local summer palace. Which has been classified as a significant national monument and park ensemble of palace was renovated and reconstructed in recent years with a cost of millions. In a first inventory of the Director of the Thuringian Foundation of Palaces and Gardens, Helmut-Eberhard said Paul, around 2.6 million euros damage. Now, the Foundation hopes to donate, an account has been set

14.07 clock. As “Radio Dresden” reports, the police have issued a regulation in Dresden, after flood gawkers up to 1000 euro fine threaten

13.57 clock. The driving gas containers on the Elbe from the Czech Republic were now of the Saxon police on the shore secured , said the “MDR” with

13.47 clock.
The Threatened Gimritzer dam in Hall is abandoned, according to the “Central German newspaper” pull its forces withdrew. The dam threatens to break away along the entire length . As the “MDR” report warns of flood crisis staff of the city to leave the houses in the immediate hazard area 1.

Now all the damage is visible in Bavaria

13.27 Clock: The long time flooded highway A8 Munich-Salzburg should be from 14 clock back one lane in both directions, reports “merkur online.de “. However, there were still “major construction to restore necessary,” said the police headquarters Upper Bavaria South with 13.19 clock. relief in parts of Saxony: In Grimsby chub and tidying up has begun. Grimsby in the water level of depression decreased. The emergency alert can be safely lifted soon , said city spokeswoman Marlene Rabold. Approximately 1,000 volunteers would have gathered to clean up. The blocking of the old castle of haste has been lifted, according to the “Saxon newspaper”. The flood had withstood the floods of the trough, hurry castle remained largely dry

13.13 clock. Spite of the flood disaster take place from Thursday to Sunday, the German championships the diver in Dresden instead. This fight around 60 jumpers and jumper not only to the ten national titles, but also the tickets for the European Championships in Rostock (18 to 23 June) and the World Championships in Barcelona (20 to July 28).

13.00 Clock:
According to the “MDR” 30 000 people from the evacuation in the southern part of Halle-Neustadt affected. Homeless shelters were set up

12.55 clock. Also Magdeburg prepares for the floods. According to the “Central German newspaper” were in the social and Ministry basement and ground floor cleared out

12.50 clock. In Dresden, more and more people have to leave their homes at noon climbed the same water there at 8.43 meters. In Halle in Saxony-Anhalt the hall reached its highest level in 400 years , a spokesman said of the crisis team. At the level of Halle-Trotha, it stood at 8.09 meters. Because of expected record flooding of the Elbe in Lower Saxony there Lüchow-Dannenberg emergency alert

12.45 clock. Also French and Dutch soldiers are helping in the German flood areas , as for the military use of flood-competent army command announced in Berlin. According to a spokesman, about 200 French and Dutch soldiers were ready for operations in Saxony. The French were used on Wednesday morning as part of the Franco-German Brigade in the Bavarian town of Deggendorf and were moved with their German comrades during the day to Saxony. A Dutch unit remained Frankenberg Saxony ready

12.40 clock. The elimination of flood damage is likely the German economy in the opinion of KfW only boost from mid . “We are still here to calculate how much the flood loads the current value,” said the chief economist of the state development bank, Zeuner, in Berlin. KfW had recently revised its growth forecast for the German economy in 2013 decreased to 0.3 percent. In a preliminary estimate he assumes that something might now be less because of the flood, Zeuner said.

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