Flood situation in the live ticker – the A3, the water meter is high

flood and ruin: the massive water waves roll down the Danube and Elbe. One end of the flood is not yet in sight. In Lower Saxony, the maximum level of the Elbe between Thursday and Sunday is expected.

By Peter Seiffert (Passau), Manuel Bonke (Kolbermoor), Fabienne Rzitki (Gera), Nina Damsch (Rosenheim), Sybille Möckl (Munich)

22.35 Clock: residents of five municipalities in Straubing-Bogen district have to leave their homes on Tuesday night. Affected communities are the Parkstetten, Aiterhofen, Irlbach, Niederwinkling and Mariaposching. The district administration ordered the immediate evacuation of larger streets and entire districts. In local gyms or community centers have been set up homeless shelters

22.00 clock . Flood situation in Bitterfeld gives cause for concern. The Seelhauser Lake have now reached a critical water level, tells a spokesman for the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld. He warns of a dike breach. In this case much water would flow into the city. “All the people in the Goitzscheufer are urged to withdraw behind the evacuation zone or to remove from the shore,” it says. Also, all operational and support staff are withdrawn from the Goitzsche.

21:38 clock: the district Deggendorf orders more evacuations as the “Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung” reported in its online edition. Kleinschwarzach (municipality Offenberg), Zeitldorf (market Metten) and Mettenufer (Deggendorf) be vacated accordingly

21.05 clock . Also in the Czech region of Bohemia, the water is high on the streets, houses were evacuated

20.56 clock. The A3 motorway between Straubing and Aicha vorm Wald is blocked in both directions due to flooding. Dressed in wetsuits employees bring water rescue broken-down trucks on the highway, reported “br.de”. On the highway, the water stands a meter high, reports BR correspondent Harald Mitterer. He speaks of a traffic chaos around Deggendorf

20.45 clock. The 250 drowned cows that are supposedly drowned near Deggendorf are a hoax, reports the “New Passau . Press “

20.25 Clock: Because of the expected record-high water on the Elbe Lower Saxony Lüchow-Dannenberg on Tuesday evening ahead emergency alert triggered. Helpers are called upon to fill sandbags, evacuations are planned but not yet

20.06 clock . solidarity in times of need: On Twitter and Facebook or on sites such as flood-hilfe.info and hochwasser2013.de, an initiative of the Bavarian Pirate Party, people offer support: Whether clothing, accommodation for parents, children and cat, or help clean up – everyone does what he can. “I cook on Tuesday 4.6. like stew for those who are stuck because of the flood in Munich, “writes a user

19.46 clock. The Leipzig People’s Daily reports that the Marble Palace , a historic building in Chemnitz ball, partially collapsed . After the rain the last few days the roof of the building stood empty for years have apparently given way. The facade threatens to topple into the street. This is therefore completely blocked, vehicles and public transport need to be redirected

19.27 clock . Magdeburg Mayor Lutz Trümper announces that in the coming days no evacuations are planned

19.18 clock . Regensburg in the levels continue to rise. Tonight is expected to be the peak flood, reported “mittelbayerische.de”. You expect a water level of seven meters

19.12 clock. The MDR is preparing for disaster called variants. As of Thursday, two TV programs will be outsourced from the broadcasting center in Magdeburg, according to a spokeswoman. Sandbags protect the MDR Radio Central Hall. Even the send operation run normal everywhere except the Studio Gera already send out the broadcast truck , the spokeswoman said

19.00 clock. Flood Help also comes from Saxony’s prisons . 50 prisoners and several staff filled on Tuesday in the prison Torgau sandbags, as the Justice Department in Dresden announced on Tuesday. Overall, the packet originated as the 7000 flood on the Elbe. On Wednesday intended to follow another 7,000 bags. Prisoners of juvenile detention Wyke Regis help in Trebsen in cleanup and elimination of flood damage

18.45 clock. The evacuated Lower Bavarian town Niederaltaich in Deggendorf district is the Passau Neue Presse According become completely flooded. 250 cows should be drowned in the nearby wood

18.09 clock. For the victims of the tsunami, the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs set up a donation hotline has : The 0800 – 272 6768 from Monday to Friday, to reach 8.00 bis 18.00 clock clock

17.51 ​​Clock: A brewery in Austria the volunteers donated free beer . Farmers, firefighters and military bases in the flooded areas were each 100 liters of beer, non-alcoholic beer and cyclists, said a company spokeswoman. This should then distribute it to the assistants. Numerous other companies announced aid to, for example, free sandbags or discounts for new purchases

17.26 clock. In the Region Straubing Deggendorf and must after two dambursts the Danube about 6,000 people to leave their homes

17.09 clock. In the fight against the floods provide the fire services in Germany since the weekend around 43 500 Operating forces on – more than the hundred-year flood 2002

16.48 clock. The chemistry city of Bitterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt is preparing to before 2002 on a further possible devastating flood. How strong it could make the city chemicals, it is not clear . But as a precaution to 10 000 people from their homes

16.34 clock. To the River Elbe in Saxony to prepare the disaster rods to a record-high water before . Environment Minister Stefan Wenzel expects, “that we must proclaim disaster alert and to take precautions to ensure that all people are in the right place at the right time.” When the same will reach its peak in Lower Saxony, but can not say exactly yet. This is expected between Thursday and Sunday

16.22 clock. crisis area stop number three of the Chancellor : After the stations in Passau and Pirna Angela Merkel gives the affected People Thuringia consolation. Neither individuals nor professionals would be left alone, Merkel promises Greiz

16.09 clock. After days of fighting the Vltava river in Prague has reached the peak. According to the authorities rushing 3210 cubic meters of water per second down the river – are normally 150 The situation was described as very serious. The death toll has risen to eight in the Czech Republic: In a roaring giant mountain river helpers discovered a corpse. The identity is unclear because a rescue is almost impossible, says a police spokeswoman

15.22 clock. Am Chiemsee have started at the flooded A8 at Grabenstatt the cleanup. The forces are working hard towards removing floating debris and mud. After that, the north Antrim road maintenance must be set again. The important connecting route south will be accessible again on Thursday

15.16 clock. Deggendorf, a second dam is broken. It is located at the mouth of the Isar and Danube

15.09 clock. Second stop the Chancellor in the crisis area: Passau As before, says Merkel during her visit to the Pirna same stakeholders financial assistance of the federal government . For every euro spend the provincial government, the federal government would forking out a euro. “We have so many things for money, I think, particularly in this emergency situation, we will find ways and means to help people.”

14.54 Clock: In Thuringia are, according to the retail federation boots as good as sold out . Garden centers, hardware stores and shoe stores in the country seeking to supply. Is similar for the water pumps

14.38 clock. The Higher Regional Court Dresden is tonight his service operation for this week. “We assume that the current is switched off,” explained a spokeswoman for the safety measure

14.15 clock. According to official figures complained Baden-Württemberg three fatalities , a firefighter and two civilians

14.07 Clock: The district of Regensburg calls from the disaster Not only the Danube, and the Naab. smaller rivers caused problems

14.01 clock. Danube in the district of Deggendorf a dam near the village of winemakers broken . According to the Provincial Office, only a few farms are first affected. The other consequences are not yet clear

13.51 clock. The water expert at the Federal Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND), Sebastian Schönau requested a re-thinking flood protection. The disaster would have been less severe, the rivers in recent years, more natural space had been given. Can “Defeat is not the whole thing. Flood there will always be “

13.40 clock. Thuringia’s Minister President Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) wants to ensure that the federal government assumes the costs for the Bundeswehr relief effort.” / strong> This is also the theme of their meeting with Chancellor Merkel. Both meet in the afternoon in the region Greiz together

13.24 clock. The material damage is immense, but of injured or dead there in Passau have fortunately no messages. With two exceptions: An employee of the municipal utilities squeezed the foot, apparently at work in a parking garage. And a water rescue boat capsized. Here, dramatic scenes took place apparently. The four occupants, all helpers, escaped on cruise ships that lay at anchor

13.02 clock. The flooding in the city of Rosenheim parts go slowly . However, large-scale flooding in Schwaig district are still available. The resumption of power supply will therefore take, according to the city works even several days. Hundreds of residents thus continue to sit in the dark

12.55 clock. The flood has also crippled the computer Justice in Saxony-Anhalt The judicial authorities of the country can. – with the exception of the Ministry – currently receive e-mails. The Computer Center of Justice is housed in a castle on the Elbe at Barby.

12.31 Clock: in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt Hundreds fight forces with the help of the army in a dramatic race against time for the dykes on the river Saale. “The dams are very watered down,” says the independent Lord Mayor Bernd Wiegand. With sandbags will try to support Gimritzer and fit Damm.

11.49 Clock: Magdeburg stands on extreme flood of the Elbe a According to current projections are expected to be Thursday with a water level of 6.90 meters.. Normal is less than 2 meters. In the devastating 2002 flood, the highest water level was 6.72 meters 11.31 clock:.. SPD Chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrueck calls for speedy assistance for the flood victims As residents of the Rhine, he had definite ideas what it is stated to have “high water in the house.” His thoughts are with those who “fear for home and possessions and in some cases to the health”

11.17 clock. Thuringia, the flood situation has worsened in extremely small village goats back From Bleichloch dam about 200 cubic meters of water must be drained per second – otherwise threatens to overflow this. This increases the risk of flooding of goats back. The place could only handle 120 cubic meters of water per second

11.03 clock. The Hungarian authorities mobilize 8,000 Army soldiers, 8000 disaster managers, 1400 Hydraulic Engineering professionals and 3,600 police officers


10.58 Clock: Now also Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared a disaster emergency in parts of the country. The apical shaft of the Danube is expected from tomorrow

10.49 clock. After their visit to Bavaria The Chancellor will inform you about the flood situation and rescue work in East Germany. ” / strong> The program includes visits to Pirna in Saxony and Thuringia Greiz

10.27 clock, live on site. Prime Minister Seehofer bursting with pride. “Bavaria is located in the middle of a disaster. What particularly impresses me is the prudence of cohesion. I am proud of the Bavarian population, “he said in an interview with a local resident

10.20 clock. Chancellor Angela Merkel referred to the emergency situation in Passau for a helicopter flight over the flooded city as “exorbitant”. The location by the flood was even more dramatic than in 2002. The Chancellor promises 50 million euros bureaucratic relief. Compared to some other federal spending that money was well spent in all cases. Another 50 million euros controls the Free State of Bavaria to

10.11 clock, live on site. Even English-language television is in Passau site. Merkel shakes hands, is now directly in front of the Danube. FOCUS Online reporter Peter Seiffert is certain: During the campaign, these pictures are worth gold

09.55 clock, live on site. Merkel actually going to walk through the town and shakes hands. For example, Gregor Wettingerstrasse, THW Nine castle from the forest. Yesterday he stacked sandbags, slept for two hours. Now he says: “Yes, that’s something special.”

09.46 clock, live on site: The Chancellor has arrived in the flooded with flood Passau. Merkel shakes an existing fire lieutenant colonel’s hand. The background mud: He promises: “We will stay as long as we are needed.” She says. “Very good”

09.33 Clock: After reaching peak levels of depression and White Elster the water flows from the flooded places in the district of Leipzig slowly . Also, the water level in the well-Saxon Grimsby declining slightly, but still lie on a relatively high level. Problematic, the situation is in Pegau-Elstertrebnitz. In the night a dam had to be abandoned

09.25 clock. The number of weather-related deaths in the Czech Republic increased to seven: A woman was killed in a palace garden in Prague by a falling tree .

09.14 clock, live on site: Until the water is flowing again in Passau days go by You need a level of 11.50 meters. until they could even begin the repair, says Jürgen OB Dupper. Currently, the Danube is 12 meters. Because people in the city offer incredible images. Around 30 soldiers shoveling mud and sweep the sidewalk. How fast is decreased the Inn again, surprised the residents

09.09 clock. In many parts of Austria people expect today with trepidation the climax of the Danube flood. In Upper and Lower Austria, the water levels will continue to rise throughout the day. Was unclear whether the newly constructed 11.15-meter-high protective walls would hold, and whether the amount would avoid. “This is a game of inches,” says the Hydrographic Service

09.05 clock. The Vltava flood has reached the highest level in Prague. According to the authorities rushing 3210 cubic meters of water per second down the river – are normally 150 The situation is further described as very serious, especially since the historic building is threatened by rising groundwater. The U-Bahn is set

09.02 clock, live on site. FOCUS Online reporter Peter Seiffert knows the timetable of the Chancellor’s visit to Passau: Angela Merkel Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer attend the first clock at 9:15 am Inn Karolinenplace, then around 650 meters away Schanzl on the Danube.

08.55 Clock: The same swelling pushes into the center of the Saxon town of Pirna. In riverine areas had to be switched off in the night of power. Residents were asked to leave their homes. Elbe in Saxon Switzerland and the places Schmilka Postelwitz were evacuated. Many hotels near the river had to close 08.49 clock, live on site. The water at Passau Nikolaiplatz is almost gone, but the mud remains. Slimy, brownish gray – and concrete hard when it dries. Bundeswehr soldiers start already trying to dig it from the Street

08.46 clock. Passau Mayor Dupper pounding before visiting the Chancellor to support. “I hope that this visit is not only an expression of solidarity, but also a clear signal that we are now then after the flood with fast, can expect less bureaucratic and more comprehensive help,” he says in “Germany radio “

08.22 clock. Upper Bavaria and Thuringia flood areas, the situation calmed down slowly. The water levels in the Rosenheim had continued to fall, the support staff is now prepared themselves for the upcoming cleanup, said a spokesman of the district administration. The Interior Ministry announced in Thuringia declining water levels throughout the country. According to Thuringia’s Minister President Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) wants to Chancellor Merkel also come in the Thuringian flood areas on Tuesday

08.12 clock, live on site. A bright spot in Passau: The sky is threatening with gray clouds, but it has stopped raining. And: the level of the Danube and the Inn have fallen significantly, according to the flood news service

08.05 clock. The rain is attracting more and more from from Germany, the sun prevails on. “In the Southeast, there are now only light rain, which is rather meaningless,” says a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD). In the east, there could be some rain, but also the ‘nominal’ in view of the flood situation. From the West to stabilize the weather, spreading the bright sun. The temperature rises in the west today about the 20-degree mark

07.49 Clock: In a few hours Angela Merkel in Passau disaster area arrive -. probably at 9:15 clock. She had provided assistance to those affected Aussischt: “The federal government is also looking at what we can help, just like the country.”

07.32 clock. The flood wave from Saxony reached Brandenburg. in the last 24 hours, the river levels have risen there, like the state environmental agency announced. Mainly on the Elbe and the Black Elster, preparations are underway for the control of water masses. Weeks threatened Herzberg, in 2002 flood, sandbags were filled precaution. Also at the same Miihlberg threatens the highest alert level 4 On the Oder, which in 1997 was particularly concerned at the local so-called flood of the century, there have been no problem, however.

07.24 Clock: in Magdeburg for 6 clock is the disaster. Reiner Haseloff, Minister emphasized, although some level stood as high as ever, the levees were safe after recent findings 07.15 clock. Bavaria’s Economics Minister Martin Zeil, announces that the Free State immediately 150 million euros wants to provide assistance – even more if necessary

07.07 Clock: In Saxony, people look anxiously at the Elbe, threatening swelling of the night.. In Dresden, the first bridge over the Elbe was locked. The water level rose to 8.50 meters, making it only 90 centimeters from the Höchstand of 2002. A spokesman for the disaster, however, reassured staff: “pictures of 2002 by a flooded Dresden’s Old Town there will not be expected to.”

06.53 Clock: In Hall, the situation, according to a city spokesman developed dramatically. The halls have at times exceeded the mark of 7.50 meters. In the housing estate of Halle-Neustadt ran because of the high water table, the basement already full. In the early morning hours, 200 firefighters were expected from the resin. From the Hanover 100 000 filled sandbags should be brought to room

06.45 clock. The city of Regensburg has declared a red alert in the night. The flood peak is expected in the morning at 8 clock. With a height of 6.80 meters at the measuring point “Iron Bridge” should not the water level in the Danube city be as high as more than 130 years. Danger for the residents but there is not, says a spokeswoman for the city. “The power and drinking water supply still works. But some roads flooding threatens “

06.40 clock. In the Meissen Saxony flood of the Elbe flows into the old town. A spokeswoman told the crisis team, the floods washed over in the night of Tuesday, a protective wall. The water level was located on Tuesday morning at about eight meters. The protective wall measures just 7.85 meters. The theater space was already flooded. At the deepest point the water stand two feet high, it was called – and rising. An evacuation was not planned, says a spokesman for the district office. The situation was still manageable

06.30 clock. Saxony-Anhalt is the largest flood wave before. At night, the situation has not significantly tightened first, it was the management center of the Interior Ministry. But record water levels were expected for today’s Wednesday. According to official estimates the state threatens an even worse flood than the flood of the century 2002 Since then, however, had been renovated and renewed dykes -.. therefore the situation is not comparable

06:23 Clock: Light relaxation in Passau with 12.40 meters, the water level of the Danube, at 04.00 clock more than half a meter was below the Höchstand, a spokesman said. By the afternoon, the water should go back to just over 10 meters. However, the drinking water supply in the city is still cut off – because of the threat of river water pollution

01.24 Clock: The situation in the Upper Bavarian flood areas slowly calms down.. Throughout the night are in the affected areas in and around Rosenheim still operate pumps to get the water out of the houses. The water levels in the Rosenheim had fallen further , the assistants were preparing now for the upcoming cleanup, authorities said a spokesman. “Keep the dams, they have been re-examined.”

01.18 Clock: The situation in Passau remains dramatically at night. The City of Three Rivers on the border with Austria is hit by worst flooding for more than 500 years. The residents sometimes have to make do without clean water from the tap, electricity and landline telephone, the city is flooded large areas, become the lakes

01.00 clock. equip thousands in Leipzig the impending flood. Countless volunteers have therefore reported in the evening to help. The apex of the level of the White Elster was expected in on Monday night

00.15 clock. The flood of 2002 in Passau, according OB Dupper a loss of about caused tens of millions of euros. “We believe that the damages are much higher this time,” he says. Especially the Innstadt was “terribly concerned”. So far he had not had time to do, but will see at the end of his apartment there.

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