Doomsday – just different? – Astrologer looks imminent stock market crash

Three days after the end of the Mayan calendar awaits the Vienna stock market astrologer Manfred Zimmel on with a dark prophecy: 2013 on stock markets threatens a huge crash. The funny thing is: He enters now

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If everything goes according Manfred Zimmel, then speak the heavenly bodies for themselves. In August 2013, it is an extraordinary constellation “Everything works together” in, was quoted by the online edition of the Swiss newspaper “Blick” the Viennese stock exchange astrologers. NASA expects then the next activity peak of the solar cycle, says Zimmel. This had been remarkably often gone with a dollar inflation and a recession in the U.S. associated. This will also happen so in mid-2013.

Zimmels Börsendienst Amanita appears ardent analysts and chart technicians something strange. However Zimmel cut loud “” in recent years, from often better than traditional stock market recommendations. Meanwhile, the 38-year-old is one even claims to asset managers and fund managers, managing billion to its customers.

Amazingly accurate

Might have impressed that the Vienna in 2008 and 2010 taught a depression for his native Austria – and kept quite. Now Zimmel looks black again – this time for 2013. Its forecasts for the stock market astrologer pursued loud “” several dozen indicators, including the sky position of Saturn and Neptune. The so-called Trigon constellation of the planets to interpret the bursting of a financial bubble, Zimmel now warns. You will occur next June / July.

When the two planets in February and June 2007, the last time in this angle to each other, were the housing bubble burst. However, the stock market reached an all-time high in the same year, in September 2008 – after the collapse of Lehman Brothers – was followed by the collapse

All others should get

.Who would give Zimmel faith, radically change course, reported the “look”. The Wiener recommends investors to avoid all. Not only government bonds, but also gold – and even the Swiss franc

this estimate matches the predictions of the big money collectors, after the final sprint in 2012 positive for the coming year nearly all have voted? “It was clear that 2012 will be another good year,” said Zimmel the “look”. “All trends have shown up.” But now his models turned down

And down is not simply down only. Three days after the end of the Mayan calendar predicts the Börsenastrologe an economic slump of almost apocalyptic : The depression will be deeper than in the 1930s, as today’s debt is higher than the time

… only the astrologer gambles now

The funny thing is that the astrologer would even enter now. Skillful investors could earn on the expected volatility in the equity and commodity markets, he says. Then “gains of up to 25 percent per year, no art” were. However, such results gelängen only with perfect market timing – probably with the help of the stars. “Now you have to decide whether you are seriously in the market or not,” Zimmel closes over the “look”. Hobby traders he recommends against it: hands off

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