Computer science student develops revolutionary technology – This gear is up to 100 courses


him his VW Golf is not economical enough, was a student who designed a new gearbox. It can have up to 100 programs that will fit on an A4 sheet.

The Porsche 911 has seven, many luxury sedans, eight, even nine are being tested. But more than seven gears in manual transmission and nine cars with automatic transmissions are not currently offer. The more gears, the smaller the engine speed between the different levels and the lower the consumption. The eight-speed automatic is now the benchmark for many premium brands.

Gearbox previously only existed in the computer

For the former computer science student Toma Macavei this is all old hat: His gear can theoretically have up to 100 courses. It is so small that it fits on an A4 sheet. Even though the revolutionary transmission exists only in the computer.

The idea for his invention came Macavei Toma, as he about the high consumption of their 16 year old VW golf annoyed. “Since I’ve bought several gear Car Recycling in and gear up for the last disassembled and measured,” says Macavei, who has always had an interest in complicated mechanical devices.

In conventional transmissions, the gears are located on different-sized gears side by side. This is due to the coupling of the transitions that occur directly on the gears. Ten courses thus yield a larger gear than five courses. Eventually, however, the transmission is too wide and too heavy, if they are adding more courses.

theoretically possible 100 transitions

The solution is for Toma Macavei in a different combination of gears. “I have two chambers combined gear,” said the 30-year-old. This works similarly to bicycles and their two consecutive sprockets. “Lying in front of the gear chamber for example, five pairs of gears in the rear and three, resulting from or 15 courses. Theoretically, we can reach more than 100 courses, “said Macavei.

So far it never occurred to engineer a solution for how the two chambers can be coupled to one another gear. Macavei wants a computer-based solution found, which is within the connection of the two gear chambers. These calculate my optimal gear for the speed and the transmission will automatically turn explains the 29-year-old Andrei Macavei who wants to market the invention of his brother.

The two brothers have filed a patent application and thus the invention protected by law. “With the first official assessment of the German Patent and Trademark Office within the next six months is expected. The other way this idea will certainly depend on the development of a fully functioning prototype, for which we express the inventors of the thumb, of course, “says Connie Clausen of the patent agency of Saarland Universities. The agency had conducted for the students prior to the patent application, the patent search.

Looking Forward to the prototype

But there are still many open questions – among other things, how much torque it with such a compact unit can transmit at all. Experts from the automotive industry, lacking more precise information on the technical details of the transmission. “No one really knows how this will really work,” said the engineer of a car manufacturer.

Macavei brothers are claims to be in contact with several companies, they are constructing a 200 000 € to support expensive prototype. Initial discussions with engineers had developed promisingly: “They keep our invention, depending on the scope for a good solution,” said Toma Macavei

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