Brutal attack in Cologne – bats injured grandson of Adenauer hard on the head

It started with a harmless, fight with a taxi driver. Nalle for Adenauer, great grandson of the first chancellor, but it ended dramatically. The nasal bone is shattered, also have the skull base, frontal sinus fractures and eye level

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four hours was Nalle Björn Adenauer operates in a Cologne hospital. An unknown person was the great-grandson of the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic, Konrad Adenauer seriously injured on the head and face. Adenauer described the “Bild” newspaper Tatverlauf the following: “After a party I went with two friends in a taxi. There was dispute with the driver because of the opening of a window, “said the 26-year old the leaf (Thursday edition). “After a few minutes, the driver threw us out on Rudolfplatz. He yelled, ‘I f .. Your mother ‘, threatened to shock us. “

According Adenauer, the taxi driver spoke with three men standing on the street. Adenauer believed they spoke Turkish or Arabic. One of the drivers have named Hakan. “He came from Brühl. He was not involved, but he ran up to me and slapped me around with one blow. “Then were the taxi driver and the club took off in the Mercedes.

Adenauer was taken to the hospital Hohenlind Cologne. The frightening diagnosis.

Fractures of skull base, frontal sinus, orbit, nasal septum, and a comminuted fracture of the nasal bone “The perpetrator must have struck with something like a knuckle duster and full of violence,” said Chief Medical Jochen Wustrow. “This is something I see, thank God very rarely. But unfortunately, the violence in Cologne’s getting worse. “

images that the “image published” show, including a bent and bloody nose in a swollen face. The bone beneath the skin are bolted to steel plates. A nerve in the face has been cut according to the newspaper of bone chips. He will remain deaf. Adenauer’s luck: The eyes are still intact, he has no brain haemorrhage